Investigative Interviewing

The ISN Investigative Interview System© uses a specialized cognitive interviewing technique to gather information and determine truthfulness.  The ISN Interviewing System was developed in-house and draws on the knowledge and experience of ISN’s management team; former police investigators with decades of interviewing experience. In collaboration with experts in the fields of criminology and human behaviour, the course was developed by ISN in accordance with Canadian criminal and civil law as well as corporate best practices. The ISN Investigative Interview System uses proven, effective methods to obtain the truth in a fair and ethical manner. Not to be confused with interrogation, this is a rapport-based interviewing system which is effective.

Based on this step-by-step system of cognitive interviewing techniques, the following courses were designed:

1 Day Investigative Interviewing Course.

Often called upon to direct internal investigations, Human Resource professionals and corporate managers require a systematic approach to enable them to conduct effective interviews and gather information. This course was specifically designed to build a solid foundation of interview skills, empowering the interviewer with confidence and professionalism.

2 or 3 Day Advanced Investigative Interviewing Course.

This advanced course provides the learners with the skills and confidence to lead a successful interview process, even in complex situations. Appropriate for both law enforcement and HR professionals.

4 hour Telephone Interviewing Course

This course offers a systematic, cognitive approach to telephone interviewing.


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