In the News

CTV News: Man Charged with Killing 2 Missing Persons

January 18, 2018

Toronto police have arrested and charged a 66-year-old man with first degree murder in connection to a pair of missing persons[…..]

CTV News: Child Prostitution Arrests

April 21, 2017

More than 100 men arrested for child prostitution in Toronto. Dave Perry, ISN CEO discusses this significant investigation.

AM900 CHML: New Recommendations for SIU

April 10, 2017

New recommendations for the SIU.

Global News: Terrorist Attack in Sweden

April 07, 2017

Dave McCormack, ISN VP Operations & Investigations discusses terrorist attack in Sweden.

CTV News: Quebec City Shooting

January 31, 2017

Discussing Quebec city shooting investigation.

AM900 CHML: Public’s Right to Videotape Police

January 26, 2017

Discussing the public’s right to videotape police.